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Stan and his son

Loya's Welding is a father-son operation featuring Stan Loya and Stan Jr. Stan has been a welder for more than 35 years. Before opening his own business, he worked for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in Connecticut and for Plattsburgh Foundry and Machine Co. Stan Jr. has been welding for 17 years.

Among the company's highlights:
  • restored the Civil War Soldiers Monument in Saranac, N.Y. (we attached a four-post of boxed 4-by-4 aluminum to the granite base to support the weight of the soldier)
  • fabricated and assembled Ventura metering valves for Presso Meters, a Wisconsin company
  • restoration of a 102-foot flagpole on Crab Island in Lake Champlain (The flagpole is designed like a ship's mast, complete with crow's nest, and was first erected in 1902 in memory of sailors lost in the Battle of Plattsburgh in 1814.)
  • fabricated bridges and walkways for AuSable Chasm
  • ability to fabricate any custom design that you have
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